Manningford Trout Farm

Manningford is one of the South West's best known Trout Farms. It takes its water from the crystal clear Hampshire Avon, the source of which is only a couple of miles upstream, ensuring excellent quality and disease free water cource for the fish to thrive.

Manningford produces 80 tonnes of top quality restocking fish, both Brown and Rainbow Trout, all of which are fully finned, hard fighting and good tasting fish that keep anglers returning for more.

We supply fish to private ponds, stillwater lakes, reservoirs and rivers, as well as within the Trout Industry. We are approved by the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency for transporting fish in one of our professionally equipped vehicles.


Manningford Trout farm was built in the late 70's/early 80's. We have gradually increased the restocking sales of the farm to producing around 80 tonnes of quality Brown and Rainbow Trout, and the fishery, under the guide of Malcolm Hunt has gone from strength to strength to be one of the most popular fisheries in the South.